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Welcome to LBi Gamers.

Connect to our Teamspeak 3 Server on Create your own channel, invite friends and enjoy!

Q: What is a channel?
A: A channel is a virtual conference room where users can communicate with each other. In theory, an infinite number of channels can be created on a TeamSpeak server and each of those channels can have different characteristics such as moderation and sound quality..

Q: How do I create a channel?
A: To create your own channel, simply right-click the server name and hit the Create Channel menu item. If you want to edit your channel, simply right-click the channel name and hit Edit Channel.

Q: Is it possible for me to have a permanent channel on your server?
A: Yes! Contact one of the server admins to make your created channel permanent.

Q: Do you guys have some rules?
A: Yes, have respect, do not spam chat/poke, have an appropiate username/avatar, use common sense.

Last updated: 20 May 2016.
By: LBi Sensei

-- LBi Gamers Team